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How To Get BM622 Admin Password using Heartilly's Generator

This tricks is for us to access the Huawei BM622 2011 Admin Account of Web Gui for administering of course :)

Download Heartilly's (your's trully:) BM622 Admin Password Generator
         Download It Here
         Mirror 1
Be sure not to forget to power on your Huawei BM622 modem and connect it directly to your PC's Lan/Ethernet Card, turn off any firewall and antivirus also, because it may block the program from accessing your Huawei BM622 modem.

Right click the program you download and choose "Run As Administrator", if User Account Control ask for your permission just click Yes to allow program to run with administrator priviledge.

You can see Disclaimer MessageBox just click yes to continue, you can now start retrieving your HuaWei BM622 Admin Password by clicking Start button on the program.

The program will take a few seconds or few minutes to get your password it depends on your computer speed, and it will display your message in text box if it successfully decode your HuaWei BM622 Admin password. If the program cant find your admin password just try it again for a few times until it will successfully decode your password.

If you tried for a couple of times and still the program can't locate your password, you may try to use the SSH method i use for creating this tools
Click Here to How To Get HuaWei BM622 Admin Password Using SSH method

Now we can try if the password we get from the program is working :)
Open your HuaWei BM622 Web Gui by typing to your favorite web browser (e.g. FireFox or Chrome)

Login using Admin as username and use the password we got from the program

And viola we are now have Admin access to our BM622 Modem and can now enter the Advanced Panel of our HuaWei BM622 Modem to make some advance changes to features not available for normal user Like NAT, QoS, ACL, and even changing frequencies.

For example Telnet is disable by default, and now we can enable it so that we can make any additional changes to our HuaWei BM622 modem using TelNet Commands.

You can also follow my thread on symbianize

That's all for the day folks, till next tricks :)


  1. sir pwede pa generate ng password...

    mac: F4:C7:14:BD:70:86
    serial: 500810118101019303

  2. sir patulong naman.. pa generate po ng password
    mac: 64:16:F0:00:16:C6
    sana po makatulong po kayo. eto po number ko 09066010765.
    promise I will repay your good deads po.

  3. 404D8E-500810118104010335
    sir...pagenerate naman po aq....nid help po....

  4. sir pa help po decode ng password ko

  5. Your home network likely uses the addresses 192.168.1.xxx. This is also the range that most of the devices I'm testing will use as their initial defaults, Click here for Link