How to Fix Error on Lync for Mac: "Microsoft Lync wants to use the OC_KeyContainer"

Ran into a weird issue on Lync 2011 on my Mac machines (as a side note, how rubbish is this client? Let's hope the upcoming Skype for Business for MacOS is everything we expected and more… ). It was putting up a prompt saying:

Microsoft Lync wants to the "OC_KeyContainer_
useraddress" keychain

…and asking for a password. Usual user password doesn't work. Anyway, after some digging it's pretty easy to fix if you see it.

Exit Lync 2011.
Use Finder to go to the user's library - you can use 'Go to folder' and enter ~/Library

In the Library folder, go into the Keychains directory. You'll see a few files called:


For example:

Simply delete them. Once you've removed them start Lync 2011 again and it should continue as normal

How to Fix Error on Lync for Mac: "Keychain Login could not be found"

If you’re seeing strange problems with passwords on your Mac—such as having to enter the same Wi-Fi network password every single time you try to connect—it’s possible that something’s wrong with your keychain. Keychains are a part of the Mac's system of storing passwords and other sensitive data and controlling access to that stuff. You know how your computer will ask you if you'd like to save a password into your keychain? That's so you don't have to keep typing it in. It'd be a bummer if Apple Mail made you enter in all of your email account passwords whenever you needed to send a message.
Anyway, the program that controls all of the keychains (and thus the stored passwords) that you have is called Keychain Access, so that's where we'll do our troubleshooting for the purposes of this tip. 
One of the common symptoms of a potential keychain issue is this familiar but incredibly annoying alert from Mail, especially if you start seeing it all of the time:
Of course, that box can mean tons of things, from network or server troubles to your password actually being incorrect (surprise!), but it can also indicate that something's wrong with the keychain entry that's storing that password. To check it out, first open the aforementioned Keychain Access program, which lives in your Applications> Utilities folder. 
Here's its pretty little icon.
Once it’s open, click on the "Keychain Access" menu in the upper-left corner and choose Keychain First Aid.
In the window that appears, you’ve only got two options—"Verify" and "Repair." If you just wanna see if anything’s wrong, click "Verify," type in your account password, and then choose Start. If you’d like to fix problems as they're found, select "Repair" instead. Pretty self-explanatory, right?
If the program finds and fixes anything, try doing whatever caused you to want to repair your keychain in the first place and see if the issue’s been resolved. If not (or if the First Aid tool didn’t find anything, which is quite common), you can try some more serious steps, like searching for any keychain entries that are associated with the problem and removing them manually. So for example, if we pretend I've got a troublesome Gmail account that keeps prompting me for my password within Apple Mail, I can search Keychain Access for "Gmail" and see what comes up:
That's…um, only about a twentieth of what's actually there. I have a lot of Gmail accounts.
I could then select some or all of those entries and press the Delete key to get rid of them, or I could double-click each one to see more details about what's stored there. If I delete an entry, Mail will request the missing password again (since Keychain Access no longer has it stored), and when I re-enter it, a new keychain item will be created. So if the problem is with one particular entry, that's an easy way to troubleshoot things. 

Sale Cuss Burst - Wonderland Online - Gemini

Hi all thanks for visiting my blog, my IGN in WLO is Heartilly I'm started playing WLO since 2008, but usually i got tired and quit and back again several times.

I started playing at Cancer Server, here's my screen shot I've got on our old guild forum:

That's all for the introduction. Let's talk about Cuss Bursting, if you don't know what is cuss burst it's like a game glitch/bug that will give you lots of exp per battle by using assist skill, normal leveling will provide you only a hundreds of exp at same level of monster per battle, while doing an assist skill burst it will give you tens of thousand up to two hundred thousands of exp depends of how much total damage you deal to a monster, and the more you use an assist skill the more exp you will get. 
To give you a better idea, getting from lvl 1 to lvl 180 using normal leaveling will take years but for Cuss Burst it will only take a week.

Best team line up for cuss burst would be 2 Fire Killer, 1 Fire Wit with JS (Cuss Skill) and the char you need to level up.

Here's the screen shot of my burst team.

Fire Wit and Her Saddle with 28% Crit

Fire Killer and His Saddle with 30% Crit

2nd Fire Killer with 30% Crit

Sample Damage Dealt at lvl 50 Scorpion (130,985)

Sample Exp Gain at lvl 50 Scorpion (185,770)

If you just started playing WLO and doesn't have a team I will help you cuss burst your char with my burst team up to level 100 for free so that it will make it easier for you to look with decent team at that level. if you need burst service up to 180 then you need to pay for the service, listed below is my service price list.

Char Burst 1 - 100 = Free, Comment Below your IGN and I will mail/message you in game for the schedule of the burst.
Char Burst 1 - 180  = 100 IM Points or 2 SS or 9M gold
Pet Burst 1 - 100 =  50 points or 1 SS or 4M gold

Other Service:
Non Burstable Pet Train 1-100 = 200 IM Point or 3SS or any 2 IM Weapon
Pet Training will be done at Rome on Pangolin Area, so it is required that your char is lvl 50 above.

Note: E-remote is recommended but not required, I will supply the foods for you and you should change your password when done bursting for your own security.
If you are paying in gold or items, leave the payment on the char that I will burst and mail or message me the username and password of the char that I will burst, my IGN is HeartiIly or Heartilly. I will burst your char 24/7 so don't log-in your char, if you do your char will be disconnected on my end and it will waste my time and electricity.

If you have question feel free to leave comments or mail me in game.

How to Fix Error on Outlook: "The request failed. Please try again. Make sure that you are signed into Skype for Business."


When attempting to create a Skype meeting within Microsoft Outlook I am receiving the following error:

"The request failed. Please try again. Make sure that you are signed into Skype for Business."


It seems to be pertaining to the auto complete cache. clearing this cache using one of the following methods listed below:
  • manually clearing it from the outlook options menu --> mail --> Empty Auto-Complete List 

  • Or by starting outlook with the /cleanautocompletecache switch. 
  • Or to create the following registry key: 
  1. Subkey location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Lync\AddinPreferenceDWord
  2. Name: RecipientResolutionMode
  3. Value data (decimal): 2

It has resolved it on the few user that have been having this issue.

How To Fix Error in Office 2007: "To insert chart, you must first close any open dialog boxes or cancel editing mode in microsoft excel"

How to Fix Error in office 2007 "To insert a chart, you must first close any open dialog boxes or cancel editing mode in Microsoft Office Excel"

To fix this error, you need to install Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack 3 on your computer.

Download Office 2007 Service Pack 3 from Microsoft

How To Check the Model Code or Serial Number of Samsung Smart TV

The model code and the serial number of the Samsung TVs are located on the right side for quicker access, but for some older models you will find the model code and serial number at the back of the TV.

How To Check Software Version of Samsung Smart TV

a. Press the Menu Button on your Samsung TV remote control and go down to Support.

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